Back in 2013, “Bless the Models” is just a twinkle in my brain when I got tired of looking for someone to talk to about models and fashion. With this blog, I was able to make half of my dreams come true. This opened a lot of opportunities for me to attend the biggest designer shows in our country; meet and befriend the models and fashion people that I truly admire; be recognized by some of the people in the industry; and secure friendships that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying farewell to the blogging world. I just realized that expanding my blog horizon by reaching a broader audience can be a thrilling and exciting challenge for me. Regardless of this major revamp, I will still incorporate runway shows and models to my new site. After all, fashion and creativity will always be in my core of existence.

To summarize, the blog will be renamed with some extra features and more personal stuff. Previous content will still be available in the new site’s timeline. I am doing my best to squeeze in an amount of time to do drafts; explore and design new layout; and plan everything. While the new blog is still in the process of transition, the usual grind of Bless the Models will still continue.

Thank you guys for your support and I hope you can still extend the same love to new and upcoming blog.




Image Source: Facebook

They look fierce; they make their flaws perfect; they represent the collections; and they are team #unstoppable. Give your best foot forward this October 1, 2016 to join the runway gang for Manila Fashion Festival’s S/S 2017 casting call. Details are as follows (Source: Facebook):

October 1, 2016
1:00PM – 6:00PM
Art Personas Management‘s MAIN OFFICE
2nd Floor, Legaspi Suites
178 Salcedo Street
Legaspi Village, Makati City

Female : 5’9″
Male : 5’11”

Female : Mini Black Dress & heels.
Male : Black T-shirt & jeans.

So impress the casting team with your strut and get your name listed as one of their living mannequins. Best of luck and don’t forget to practice your walk and update your compcards.

Bless the models!


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Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2017 promotional. 
Image via

The runway of all runway shows in the Philippines is ready to bring the lights back and present the freshly-tailored collections for Spring/Summer 2017. Witness the parade of high fashion ensembles at Edsa Shangri-la (click to see in Google Maps) on October 18 to 21 2016.

As the event was voted as the as Best Fashion Show of 2014 by readers (source: Wikipedia), the people behind Manila Fashion Festival constantly aims to bring the show outside the “fandom mentality” by allowing fashion lovers within and outside the elite circle to watch the show in flesh.

Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2017 schedule and show list (click to enlarge)
Image via

Go ahead and visit their official website and click Registration->Runway Shows. Complete the needed details and select the preferred date and show block that you wish to attend. By the looks of it, it’s going to be a long day of fahsiongasmic moments as Day two and four have afternoon shows. I can only commit to attend evening shows due to my real job responsibilities. Battling the 6pm traffic going to the venue can be true fashionista challenge, but we know it’s all worth the sweat. You can catch me there snapping models all the time. Hope to see you there.

Bless the models!


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That James Dean-day dream look in his eyes.

The rising model slash social media superstar (with 2.5M followers on Instagram ATM) jet set to the Philippines to promote his endorsement with Penshoppe, a top RTW brand here in our country. As for us who didn’t score those prestigious tix for the runway show and the meet-and-greet, we patiently waited and joined the swarm of fans in SM AURA atrium just to catch a glimpse of this boy wonder.

Some small talk session with VJ Aryanna

The excited teens and teens-at-heart screamed their vocal chords when Lucky Blue and VJ Aryanna took the stage. With his few minutes in our eyes, he sat down and spins simultaneously on his chair and ended up with a big smile, thus creating an uproar cheer from the people. The quirky model interacted with his fans by answering twitter questions, and taking 360 clips of the wild crowd.

The boy got some serious bangin’ talent there

He also showed an extension of his talent outside the runway. Lucky hit the drums and started banging a beat. We are so falling over with that James Dean gaze, and that boy-next-door charm that is killing us softly!

Please come back soon Lucky! You’re always welcome here.


It was a few moments with a future top model, but our Saturday felt like one of the luckiest days of our lives. Thanks Penshoppe for this memorable experience.

All Photos taken by me. Kindly credit properly upon usage. 

Bless the models!


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Photo from Art Personas Management

Scribbling with colors is Lawrence’s main hobby. This has shaped mostly the direction of his life – translating his deep emotions into something visual. Come an unexpected turn, the master becomes the “object” on someone’s eye. He was left with no choice but to morph into that subject that was once a part of his usual grind. Just as we are sipping some drinks on Ysobel Gallery, he discussed the concept behind his art works. As an art lover myself, I was hooked by the way he pulled his inspiration for his works, knowing that I got in touch with my artsy side before. Surrounded by works of art, the environment is just perfect to get to know not just the masterpiece, but this handsome being tickling our eyes. Within our interview, he openly speaks how modelling became a learned behaviour for him, and how he transcended to the other form of imagery.


Photo from Status Magazine Facebook

Since when did you become interested with art?

Even before when I was 5. My father is not an artist but he draws. I tried copying some of his human sketches. Animes started to follow like Ghost Fighter then evolved into painting. I never really painted until I entered college

What goes into your mind when you draw?

Base it on feelings. My mentor said just be honest with what you do and what you feel. Cause that’s the real you. Before I don’t have some heavy emotions and that became my weakness. When I experienced broken moments, that when it all started.

With all your background in art, how did you ventured into modelling?

I was discovered by Tito Junel Quinones and introduced me to Ms Sara and Sir Ronnie Cruz of Art Personas, who happened to be the people behind Manila Fashion Festival. I easily connected the two (art and modelling) since fashion designers and all of them are artists as well. I easily became interested since it’s also a form of art that became an inspiration on my artwork and future studies.

Did you ever consider this profession when you were a kid?

(Laughs) I never expected it. I have fantasized being a model, but I’m really shy in person. After signing up with Art Personas Management and doing my first fashion show, I realized I have a future here.

Photo from Preen Online (left) and Style Bible (right)

What was then your first impression of models before?

They seem to be high profile since you see them in magazines and photoshoots. Looks like it is hard to reach them. But when you’re there, you’ll realize that they are just like us.

How do you manage to incorporate your love for art into modelling?

It’s just the same, only different in approach. Fashion is also in the field of performing arts then my love for visual art is just there. Modelling and art meets somewhere in the middle. Fashion is inspired mostly on artworks and it goes from there.

Is it an advantage for you that you are an artist in the fashion industry?

I think so when it comes to taste. As an artist I look into beauty – same with modelling.

Do artist tend to be OC as a models?

I’m really concerned actually because I was the one who told my subject / model to pose. Before I was art directing and now someone else is doing the art direction. Then again I’m open to that because I didn’t start as a model. If ever I make a mistake, I tend to accept it and apply correctives.

Photo from Status Magazine

Let’s talk about your style. How did art and fashion affect how you dress and present yourself?

If you have met me before and saw my fashion statement, it’s very “artist” in kind of way, like very basic in nature. Now, it seems that my clothing has evolved. But I still prefer simple, clean and low key.

In your career as a model, what is the most artistic thing that you have done?

Everything I did is something I consider as artistic. Fashion is always like that. When you present clothes, it’s some sort of art.

Any dream job you have in mind?

For me, for as long as I am working I’m good. But I always dream of seeing myself in a magazine, not just my name unlike before in a contemporary Art magazine.

What are the struggles that you have encountered as a model?

It’s the adjustment. I was never familiar at first, especially on dealing with people. You never know what goes into their head. I tend to over think how they see me as a model.

Photo by from Art Personas Management

What can a millennial model can do to make it in fashion?

Give the industry a brave heart cause the business is a fierce world. There’s a lot of competition. You really have to work hard and attend castings diligently because it all starts there.

As you have booked a number of shows during the previous seasons, can you let us know how did you managed to get the “yes” of the designers?

(Laughs) Well, it’s a matter of confidence and as for me, all just fall into place.

Photo by Junel Quinones of Art Personas Management

Some of Lawrence’s art works. Earth tones is his signature aesthetic.

Bless the models!


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